• 2023.03.10
  • Inheritance

The Role of Lawyers in Inheritance

Work before the start of inheritance

We recommend that you make a will before your death so that the property you have built up will belong to the appropriate person according to your will, and so that there will be no needless disputes over your legacy. After listening to the client’s wishes in detail, we will draft a will that is best for the testator, and finalize its contents after meeting with a notary public.

-Preparation of the will
-Appointment of executor
-Living wills
-Planning of business succession

Work after the start of inheritance

After the occurrence of inheritance, it is necessary to carry out a great number of procedures in order to realize the contents of the will. Since the execution of a will often requires legal expertise and conflicts of interest among heirs and testatrixes, it is necessary to designate an impartial third party in advance as the executor of the will in order to realize the contents of the will smoothly. If you designate our attorneys as executors in your will, we will promptly deliver and register the transfer of your property in accordance with the contents of your will when the inheritance occurs. We prepare the necessary documents for probate and file a petition for probate for a will that does not conform to the notarized testamentary form.

-Probate of wills
-Renunciation of inheritance
-Conferring on the division of the estate
-Preparation of inheritance division agreement
-Distribution of inherited property
-Preparation of inheritance tax returns
-Change of name of real estate
-Refund of bank deposits

Court proceedings for division of inheritance

If the joint heirs are unable to reach an agreement, or if they are unable to reach an agreement, they may file a petition for mediation for division of property and divide the estate with the involvement of the court. There are various types of court proceedings for the division of property.

-Conciliation for division of property
-Judicial decision on division of property
-Petition for reduction of the residual portion of the estate
-Petition for provisional measures before mediation
-Petition for temporary restraining order before trial
-Petition for contribution
-Petition for confirmation of inherited property
-Claims for tort damages for removal of inherited property