Tsutomu Kuribayashi

Practice Areas

Corporate Law, Regulations, International Business Transactions, M&A, Litigation and Cross-Border Dispute Resolution, Employment Issues, Finance, Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance


Tokyo Bar Association (1993 -)
New York State Bar Association (1999 -)
Tokyo Bar Association, International Committee (2001 -)
Tokyo American Club (2006 -)


Waseda University, Bachelor of Law

The Legal Training and Research Institute of The Supreme Court of Japan

University of Georgia, Law School, LL.M.

Professional Experience

1993 – 2003
Asahi Law Offices (Tokyo, Japan)(currently Nishimura Asahi Law Office)
as a Partner Lawyer from 2002

1997 – 1998
Haynes & Boone L.L.P (Texas, U.S.A.) as a foreign associate

2003 –
Kuribayashi Sogo Law Office (Tokyo, Japan)

2009 – 2011
Member of the Legislative Council for the Ministry of Justice

2014 – 2015
Vice President at the Tokyo Bar Association

2014 – 2019
External Director at Kuze Co, Ltd., private company listed in TSX

2015 – 2018
Member of National Bar Examination Commission(International private law)

2016 – Present
Supervisory Officer of D&F Investment Corporation

2018 – 2019
Deputy Chairman of Kanto (Central Part of Japan) Federation of Bar Associations

2020- Present
External Director of SAXA Holdings, Inc.


Japanese Native
English Fluent


Sugiyama Tomohiko

Practice Areas

Corporate Law, International Business Transactions, M&A, litigation and Dispute Resolution, Employment, Finance, Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance


Tokyo Bar Association

Education / Professional Background

Chuo University Law School

Admitted to the bar
Large Japanese company (listed 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)

Kuribayashi Sogo Law Office


Japanese and English


My name is Tomohiko Sugiyama, a newly joined lawyer at Kuribayashi Sogo Law Office. After graduating from Chuo University Law School and being admitted to the bar, I joined a major Japanese company (listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) as an in-house lawyer. While working as an in-house lawyer, I was mainly in charge of contract review, legal due diligence, and general meetings with shareholders. I dealt with various contracts such as sales, leases, service, joint R&D, system development and joint venture. I was fortunate enough to have a chance to work with boards of directors and business management members of the company and through these experiences, I obtained a business mindset crucial to being a successful lawyer. I hope to make the most of my previous experiences and provide the highest quality of legal service to our clients.


Shigehisa Sugiyama

Practice Areas

General civil / General criminal / General legal and corporate affairs / Compliance related affairs


Tokyo Bar Association

Professional Background

Graduated from Chuo University Faculty of Law

Prosecutor of Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office

Director of Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau

Prosecutor of Supreme Public Prosecutors Office

A Chief Public Prosecutor of Tokushima District Public Prosecutors Office

Notary of Okazaki Notary Join Office

Registered as a Lawyer, Kuribayashi Sogo Law Office




My name is Shigehisa Sugiyama, a newly joined lawyer at Kuribayashi Sogo Law Office. With my long experiences as a prosecutor and a notary, I will handle civil cases such as various dispute cases arising from daily economic activities and domestic affairs such as making a will, inheritance by execution, divorces and adult guardianship as well as criminal cases. I constantly strive to improve my ability to offer good, meaningful and valuable legal advice to our clients. I really appreciate your continued support.