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Employment Agreement

Employment Agreement

This Employment Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between XXX (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) and YYY (hereafter referred to as the “Employee”) as follows.

Employment status and Term

Article 1. The Company takes in him/her as a permanent employee and the employee commences to work on (month, date, year), and the employment shall continue for non-fixed term.
2. The employee shall obey the agreement, and observe the Company’s work rules, other standards or instructions, sincerely perform his/her services.

Trial Period

Article 2. The employee’s employment with the Company shall be subject to trial period of initial 3 months after commencement of employment. During the period, in case that the employee is found unfit for the job, the Company may resign the employment. After completing a successful trial period, he/she will be deemed to have been enrolled as a permanent employee, and the trial period is included the length of service.

Work Location

Article 3. The employee shall work at the principal office of the Company. (Address:1-2-3, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). However, the Company may direct the employee to work at other place both internationally and domestically as needed.

Content of Duties

Article 4. The employee shall engage in XYZ. However, YYY’s work shall bepossibly changed at XXX’s discretion.

Working Hours, Break, Holidays, and Leave

Article 5. Work hours, break, holidays, and leave regarding the Employee shall be governed by the Company’s Work Rules.

Overtime work

Article 6. If the Company deems that it is necessary for business reason, the Employee shall work any hours exceeding the designate work hours or perform work on designated holidays.


Article 7. The basic wage shall be yen per month.
2. Methods of Wage payment, bonuses, benefits, and other related matters shall be governed by the Company’s Work Rules.
3. Retirement allowance shall not be paid.


Article 8. When the Employee fails under any of the following items, he/she shall retire from the Company effective as of the relevant date and shall lose his/her status as an Employee of the Company as of the day following such date.
(1) In the case where the Employee requests for retirement and the company approves, or 14 days after such request;
(2) In the case of the death of the Employee;
(3) In the case where the Employee has reached the retiring age;
(4) In the case where the period of administrative leave in the Work Rules expires and the cause of the leave has not been resolved; or


Article 9. In the case of the Employee falling under any of the following, the Company may dismiss the Employee with 30 days’ notice prior the termination.
(1) In the case where it is recognized that work is unendurable due to a physical disability or a mental disorder;
(2) In the case where no probability of improvement due to a poor attendance record;
(3) In the case where it is recognized that the Employee is unsuitable for work due to his/her poor performance.
(4) In the case of unavoidable circumstances including, but limited to, downsizing of business arising; or
(5) In the case of other unavoidable reasons comparable to the above items.

Matters not provided for Herein

Article 10. Matters not provided for herein shall be governed by the Work Rules.

Governing Law

Article 11. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the company and the Employee shall execute this Agreement in duplicate, affix their names and seal impressions hereto, and retain one copy each.

Month, Date, Year

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