• 2023.05.16
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A case in which an unlisted company’s business was transferred to a listed company by means of a company split

Outline of the case

Our client company successfully transferred the business of a company to a newly established company by means of incorporation-type company split, and transferred the shares of the newly established company to a listed company. Our advisory client was also able to pay off its corporate debt with the proceeds from the transfer of the newly established company’s shares, giving it a fresh start as a debt-free company.

Our Firm’s Services

A demerger of a newly incorporated company is an extremely appropriate way to transfer a company’s business. A new company split requires knowledge not only of corporate law, but also of accounting and taxation matters, and requires cooperation with a judicial scrivener’s office for registration matters. Our firm handles procedures for transferring a business through a company split, including the transfer of intellectual property rights.