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Detail of webinar for “Creating an English employment contract”

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About the webinar

Date Friday, 22th July PM 6:00 – 7:30 (JST)
Language Japanese
Fee Free of charge
Register E-mail : info@kslaw.jp


Creating an English employment contract

An English employment contract is a contract between an employing company and an employee to be hired when a Japanese company hires a foreigner or a foreign company hires a Japanese person.

When an employee works in Japan, the Japanese labor laws and regulations are compulsorily applied, so an employment contract based on the Japanese labor laws must be drafted. The Japanese Labor Standards Law stipulates the matters that must be decided when concluding an employment contract. We will confirm the minimum items that must also be included in the English employment contract.

In addition, we will also review the keywords that are characteristic of employment contracts, such as work-rule, working hours, overtime work, wages, bonuses, retirement allowance, and dismissal. The key words that characterize an employment contract are defined. By learning how to structure an English contract, we hope to help you learn about these keywords as well.

In addition to the above, we will also review how to draft a resignation agreement confirming the termination of the employment contract with the employee, a non-compete provision to prevent the employee from working for another company with confidential information, and a confidentiality provision to protect the company’s confidential information in English.
We hope many people who are interested in this seminar and creating an English agreement will join this seminar.

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