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Detail of webinar for “How to review an English-language contract”

This webinar session will be held on Friday, 28th April from 18:00 Japan-time. More details can be found below, including details for registering, and the dates/topics for future webinars.
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About the webinar

Date Friday, 28th April PM 6:00 – 7:00 (JST)
Language Japanese
Fee Free of charge
Register E-mail : info@kslaw.jp


How to review an English-language contract

Even if you have some understanding of the content of an English-language contract, it is difficult to know exactly what risks are involved in signing that contract. In addition, it is quite a hurdle to figure out how the terms of the contract need to be amended to accurately reflect your company’s ideas about the content of the contract.

In English-language contracts, there are certain patterns for each type of contract. When your company enters into a contract, your company may be the seller or the buyer. Similarly, you may be a manufacturer, a consumer, a service provider, a service recipient, and so on. When checking an English contract, it is necessary to understand the exact position your company is in, and then consider what modifications are necessary to the relevant clauses.

In this seminar, the instructor will discuss with you which points need to be modified and how, based on several sample contracts. The purpose of this seminar is not to understand the structure of a particular contract, but rather to give participants a sense of the key points in interpreting English contracts by practicing in the seminar how they need to think when making amendments to an English contract.

This seminar is mainly for those in charge of legal affairs and those who prepare English contracts, but anyone is welcome to attend, so please register if you are interested. Upon registration, we will send you the URL to join the Zoom meeting.