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Detail of webinar for “Creating an English employment agreement”

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Date Friday, 28th June PM 6:00 – 7:00 (JST)
Language Japanese
Fee Free of charge
Register E-mail : info@kslaw.jp


Creating an English employment agreement

An English employment agreement is a agreement between an employing company and an employee when a Japanese company hires a foreigner or a foreign company hires a Japanese person.

When employing a foreign national, unlike when employing a Japanese national, the agreement is for a fixed term with a fixed term, but in terms of treatment, the employee is often guaranteed a higher salary than that of a Japanese national. It is important to confirm the laws and regulations regarding fixed-term employment so that the company can unilaterally terminate the agreement upon expiration of the agreement period or when disciplinary reasons arise.

In addition, the importance of protecting the company’s confidential information in the employment agreement is no different from that of hiring Japanese employees. Even with non-Japanese employees, if confidentiality clauses are not properly drafted in English, the company may be unable to deal with leaks of confidential information. Recently, when employees leave a company, they may transfer company information to their personal storage via the Internet or take customer information with them by storing it on a USB drive. Confidentiality clauses should be tailored to these various situations.

Furthermore, as was the case with Rakuten and Kappa Sushi, another issue is how to protect the company’s confidential information after an employee who came into contact with the confidential information moves to a rival company. We will also discuss how to draft a non-compete clause, referring to provisional injunctions and court proceedings.

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