• 2023.03.28
  • M&A

A case in which a guardian was appointed for a founder with dementia and a stock transfer was made to a listed company.

Outline of the case

The representative of one of our client companies had been managing the company for several decades since its establishment, but due to his advanced age, he was suffering from severe dementia. At the request of the company’s current representative, we searched for a business successor and examined the possibility of an MBO, but ultimately decided to petition for the appointment of an adult guardian for the company’s founder and sell the company’s shares to an outside listed company.

Services offered by Kuribayashi Sogo Law Office

We are often consulted by company representatives on how to business succession of a company due to the occurrence of dementia or cancer (or other illness). We have assisted them in finding a person who can take over the company from a relative, current management team, or outside third party, and have helped them business succession.