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Detail of webinar for “Fundamentals of Understanding English Agreements (Part 2)”

This webinar session will be held on Friday, 2nd February from 18:00 Japan-time. More details can be found below, including details for registering, and the dates/topics for future webinars.
If you are interested to join, please feel free to contact us.

About the webinar

Date Friday, 2nd February PM 6:00 – 7:00 (JST)
Language Japanese
Fee Free of charge
Register E-mail : info@kslaw.jp


Fundamentals of Understanding English Agreements (Part 2)

This will be the first seminar of the year; in the December seminar, we explained the basic grammar (basic structure) used in English contracts. In this seminar, I would like to explain words that often appear in English contracts and how to use conjunctions.

The following are some of the unique words that appear in English contracts. We will see how they are used in actual contracts.

  • -Inure
  • -accrue
  • -damage
  • -provided, however, that
  • -notwithstanding
  • -regardless

By learning the basic words and conjunctions that often appear in English contracts, you can further deepen your understanding of English contracts. You will also be able to draft your own contract clauses.

This seminar is open to everyone, so please register if you are interested in learning more about drafting agreements in English.